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Introducing the 'Vision to Results' app by TeleTech

The Vision to Results app provides you with essential and useful Tips to help the way you manage your business and your employees. Set across 4 Steps and 12 Drivers, Vision to Results provides you with an easy-to-use resource containing management tips ranging from strategy and analysis to future planning and sustainability.

Set DirectionMost leaders underestimate the importance and time needed to set up a really solid platform for their team’s performance in delivering the leader’s goals. What we do know is most leaders are good at strategy. But if the strategy doesn’t deliver the desired results, it’s a failure. The Set Direction step delivers the most critical quality leaders need to focus on first: CLARITY. What is the ultimate objective or goal? Why is this important? Have we really assessed reality using customer data and analytics? Will it inspire those who ultimately have to deliver it?
Engage & ExciteTeleTech Consulting has utilized the Vision to Results (VTR) framework in numerous scenarios. Time and time again the crucial buy-in stage is missed or downplayed. When facilitating groups we found that the more senior the executives, the more likely they are to confirm that they personally believe in the business’s vision and strategy. (Of course they do. They were the ones who wrote it!) What is far more revealing is their answer to the follow-up question about desirability: are you willing to change your own habitual behavior in order to get a different result? Suddenly, the room goes quiet. Though the need to engage and excite staff is common sense, it is simply not common practice.
Enable & ExecuteUnless the leader’s targets and workforce are aligned, success is highly unlikely. Yet that alignment rarely happens well. The leader’s job now is to address the next three elements of the framework. Have you made sure that each person involved in the execution is aware of their responsibilities, is clear on his or her specific role, and has the skills and competencies required to deliver? Have you taken the time to address operational efficiency and embed best practice? Have you truly tapped into the power of technology in order to accelerate achieving the results you desire?
Sustain MomentumIf the finish line is in sight, can we afford to shift our focus onto the next race? Definitely not. In most cases getting to this stage has taken enormous effort, focus and drive and you should have reached a tipping point of success. As a leader your role is to deliver on a number of tasks but to walk away just as the organization is benefiting from the momentum created through your execution to date would be suicidal at worst, ignorant at best. Remaining visible, measuring your progress, holding people accountable and determining where to reinvest is key for long-term success.
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With 62 cards across 4 Steps and 12 Drivers, the Vision to Results Tips Collection provides you with useful information to help lead your business.

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